About Myanmar

As the last frontier of Southeast Asia, Myanmar allows its visitors to experience its genuine native culture and undisturbed natural beauty which are gradually becoming a thing of the past everywhere else. Whether it is snorkeling around the far flung, virgin islands of its southern tip or climbing the snowcapped mountains in the Himalayan ranges of the cold north, the spirit of exploration will be brought out of you as you travel through this breathtaking country.

Witness a nation unchanged by time where its present resides in remnants of past magnificent civilizations. Scattered throughout the country are collections of ancient pagodas, temples, and Buddha images of varying shapes and sizes. Bagan is such a place where you can appreciate the country's rich Buddhist heritage while gazing upon its 2,000+ sacred structures that are nearly a millennium old. The British Colonial Empire also left an enduring presence in the country with its architectural jewels that shape the facade of many cities. In Pyin U Lwin, for example, ride along the town's shaded streets on horse carts to peek into aging colonial mansions and villas.

Take the opportunity to meet with friendly and inquisitive locals including those belonging to ethnic groups that the world has yet to know exist. The people here still don their traditional attire and most would choose a longyi over a pair of jeans any day. Trek through the pine trees of the Shan hills and meet with colorful tribes who still adhere to their old way of life. See the lively Chin women of Mindat who bear beautifully tattooed faces. As the country is home to around 135 ethnicities, one trip would certainly not be able to cover all facets of the kaleidoscope that is Myanmar.

Indeed, Myanmar was not considered a tourist destination until recently in 2011 due to political complications under the former military junta. Nevertheless, the nation is now opening its doors and asking outsiders to taste the once forbidden Asian fruit for themselves. As the tourism infrastructure is being rebuilt, visitors are being offered more variety of choices. For lodging options, you can choose from among the 5 star resorts, eco-lodges, family inns and many more. It is still up to you to decide whether the time is right. While there is now a welcoming attitude from its government and its tourism industry, you'll find it is the local citizens of Myanmar who are the most cordial towards your visit to the 'Golden Land' they call home, equally eager to learn from you as you are from them.