How to get Visa

A valid passport with entry visa is required for all visitors issued by the Myanmar embassies and consulates abroad. Infants and children also require a separate visa even when traveling on parent's passport. Note that it is always advisable to apply visa 2 or 3 weeks before the actual departing date from their country.

Tourist Visa

For tourists traveling alone or in group such as a package tour. It is a 3 month visa with 28 day stay. Visa fee is 30 USD.Requirements include:

  • Passport
  • Application form with a photo (1.5 X 2 inches with white background)
  • A copy of flight itinerary
  • Letter from travel agency stating applicant's background, purpose of visit, intended arrival and departure dates
  • A copy of intended travel itinerary in Myanmar
  • Those on package tours should provide a copy of package program

Business Visa

For applicants who have a business entity in Myanmar, intend to establish one, or engage in a business activity,. Visa is valid for 3 months with 70 days stay. Visa fee is 50 USD.

Requirements include:
  • Passport
  • Application form with a photo (1.5 X 2 inches with white background)
  • A copy of flight itinerary
  • A letter by inviting company explaining the relationship between the invitee and the company, background of invitee, purpose of visit, and invitee's travel details such as flight dates and passport no.
  • Company registration document from inviting company

Visa through Embassy

Visitors have the option of applying for visa in their country's respective Myanmar embassy. Corresponding Myanmar embassy websites can be referred to for further information about the visa application procedure. Foreigners in Bangkok can also apply for a Burmese visa at the embassy with the help of a Thai travel agency organized by LITS. LITS can also arrange accommodation and transportation if the traveler would rather apply during transit in Bangkok than in their country when it may be more expedient. Applications for visa is from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon whereas 3:30 P M to 4:30 PM is for pickup. Visa can be issued on the same day it was applied for, the next day, or after three days (this has the lowest fee).

Contact information to the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok is provided below:
Train Station: Surasak
Address: 132, Sathorn Nua Road, BANGKOK 1050
Phone: (662) 234-4698, 233-7250, 234-0320, 637-9406

Visa on Arrival

Another option is to apply for a visa through travel agencies to issue what is known as visa on arrival if it becomes inconvenient to go to the embassies. Other benefits of applying through a travel agency include having a staff member present at the airport to help guest with procedures and pickup, communicating with airlines to make sure that guests have no difficulty boarding, and taking care of any problem at the immigration counter.

The traveler would need to send required information to LITS such as name, nationality, flight number as well as a copy of their passport. LITS will apply on behalf of the travelers for a processing fee of 30 USD for tourist visa and 50 USD for business visa. LITS then will provide a letter from Immigration and a letter from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. It will take a maximum of 2 weeks before the letters are issued.

The traveler will bring two copies of these letters and other documents LITS may send as well as two passport photos into Myanmar. Once landing in Yangon International Airport, he or she should head to the VOA counter and fill out the 2 VOA forms (forms can be downloaded and filled out beforehand from Myanmar Embassy website) and pay an additional 30 USD for a tourist visa and 50 USD for a business visa at the Immigration counter.

Online Visa

The option of applying for visa online to issue an 'evisa' will be possible in the near future. The application procedures are done on the government official website click here. However, the site is still under testing and is not yet ready for use. LITS will inform travelers when this option becomes viable.

Extension of Visa

Visa can be extended through the immigration office in Yangon. A business visa particularly can be extended several times. However, if you do overstay, you will pay a fee at the immigration counter in the airport before you leave of 3 USD per day, including a 3 USD registration fee with a limit up to 90 days. However, it is best not to over stay past 2 weeks.