Mandalay Puppet Show


60 mins

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What's Special About

For someone who would like to appreciate authentic cultural shows in Myanmar, Mandalay Marionette Theatre is one of the very few venues. Unlike the value-added puppet shows at any touristy restaurants in Myanmar, Mandalay Marionette Theatre, led by infamous Marionette Performer and Theatre owner Daw Ma Ma Naing, hosts proper and professional cultural show.

In the past, Puppetry was not only for entertainment, but also as mouthpieces of the social and royal affairs for the people in the days of royalty. Include this optional pupoet show in your itinerary or book this show separately at Living Irrawaddy Travel Services.

Show Details

20:30 - 21:30 Hrs daily

One hour marionette show includes of : 

1. Prelude of Myanmar Orchestra 

2. Traditional Harp (Saung) Performance 

3. Candle Light Dance 

4. Votaress' Ritual Dance to the Guardian Spirits 

5. Himalayan Alchemist or Demigod's Dance 

6. Royal Page Boy or Palace's Little Messenger's Dance (Back when Myanmar was ruled by royal family, there were small boys acting as messengers in the palace. These boys were also used for errands in the royal palace.)

7. Comical Dance of a village couple. 

8. Dance Performance of an actual person and a puppet   

9. Duet Dance of a prince and a princess

USD 12 per person per show 

(Price Validity - August 2014 - March 2015)